Hey Brain Junkies!

My name is Trace Kerr and I’m SO glad you’ve come for a visit!

Ever thrown darts at balloons at the fair? My resume looks like that’s how I picked my jobs, one random dart toss at a time. I’ve been a vet tech, done tour guiding for the Seattle Aquarium, taught tap dance at Washington State University, did an internship at The National Zoo with Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys (where they also let me work with soft clawed otters, bears, and once, I had to clean the beaver pond, blerg). I’ve tossed pizzas, run an espresso bar, volunteered at two elementary school libraries, science demoed for kids…Whew. But, as it turns out, my crazy, try a bit of everything attitude, a liberal arts education and a penchant for going ALL IN when it comes to research is part of what helps us make magic at Brain Junk.

When I’m not podcasting, I’m an author of young adult fantasy and science fiction. My debut book, THE NAMES WE TAKE comes out with Ooligan Press in 2020. You can check that out at:

I grew up in Seattle, graduated from Washington State University with a BA in English, moved around the US for a while then landed in Spokane, WA. with my organic chemist, gardening super-freak husband, two kiddos, an assortment of cats, and a lazy old chocolate lab named Ruby.