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Brain Junk Promo!

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Welcome to the weird, wacky and sometimes gross world of Brain Junk. Amy and Trace will be coming at ya with episodes on Tuesdays about everything you never knew you wanted to know. We’ll be talking about the strange lives of unusual animals, explore the history of mooning and insults, and even catch up with how the world celebrates birthdays. Brain Junk debuts May 29th with four new episodes! Visit us at to learn more.

Three Episodes in the CAN!


Amy and I have been working up a storm. Got the new blanket fort. Ahem, studio all set up for better sound quality and we’re working on finding our rhythm for recording. We might even be able to, MAYBE, put out an episode a week. We’ll see.

Best news so far is the fact that we have three episodes all done! Stuff you never knew you wanted to know about Birthdays, Your Weird Body, and Stuff That Sounds False but is Actually True.

Going to record two more on Wednesday, From the Bookshelf, a deep dive into things that come from books; you know, those things with pages that old people like to gain knowledge from?!? And, Female Beauty Aids. It’s a lot of…what were we thinking?

I’m gonna race to get them edited then we extend our files to itunes and hope they like us. I’m so looking forward to sharing all the fun we’ve been having with all of you!

Hopefully, Brain Junk will be out there in the world by mid May.



New Podcast!!!!!


Brain Junk is an all new podcast in the teeny tiny baby stages of production! Research is underway for our first couple of episodes. We are digging way back in the stacks to find all those weird and wonderful tidbits to fill your ear-holes. Stuff like: The strange history of birthday traditions and, can ants can pass the Mirror Test? We’ll also dive into things that sound untrue but aren’t and treat you to an entire episode on weird things about your body.

More info to come as we get ourselves cleaned up and organized.