117: Space Bubbles

117: Space Bubbles

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
117: Space Bubbles

The science of how bubbles work changes a bit when they go into space. Amy explains why.

Show Notes: 

These show notes are super cool. Click all the links and watch all the videos. You’ll go down a space bubbles worm hole into fluid dynamics and it’s great!


Wired.com Bubbles in space video

Watch an astronaut play with bubbles and antacid in space. Worth waiting through the commercial. 


Science Focus: Can you blow a bubble in space?

ISS Water In Space

USGS Water In Space

Watering plants in space is tricky with no gravity to pull the water down into the soil.

A drop of water with an air bubble inside it, on the International Space Station.

Image Courtesy NASA

I didn’t talk about these videos, but they’re fun!


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