126: Marital Duels

126: Marital Duels

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During the 13th century, in the part of the world that would become Germany, husbands and wives could settle marital disagreements with an elaborate battle that used clubs and rocks. It was a drastic argument resolution of last resort. Amy explains all.

Show Notes:

In 1476 Hans Talhoffer wrote a manual on various kinds of combat. One of his chapters had illustrations with examples of men and women dueling. It is thought that his depictions of marital duels were common but by no means universal.

Luckily, we found a video where you can see his illustrations in action.

Show Notes:
It’s tough to find illustrations that we are allowed to share here, so visit the links and get the whole scoop. You can also check out Medieval Justice: Cases and Laws in France, England and Germany, 500-1500 on Google Books if you’d really like to dig in!

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