128: Get Off My Lawn!

128: Get Off My Lawn!

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
128: Get Off My Lawn!

How did we go from no green spaces in city neighborhoods to the perfectly manicured lawn that defines American suburbia? It all comes down to Frederick Law Olmsted and properties in a housing development in 1860’s Illinois.

Show Notes:

Duncan Gardens Spokane

The Duncan Gardens at Manito Park in our own beautiful Spokane-Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted

New York 5th Avenue NeighborhoodNeighborhood, Charleston SC

New York City and Charleston SC neighborhoods prior to Olmsted’s lawn movement. 

xeriscape lawn

This one is a listener request from my son Will, and my sister Ruth. 

This article has a cool map of the development that Olmsted was called in to develop. BB Barns Olsmtead Lawns

Pop Sci Olmsted Lawns

Spokesman Olmsted Influence

Cannon Hill Park – the Olmsteds designed it.
Finch Arboretum – the Olmsteds conceived it.
Downriver Park – the Olmsteds suggested it.
Manito Park – the Olmsteds improved it.

Rockwood Boulevard – the Olmsteds plotted it.
Gorge Park – the Olmsteds dreamed of it, 100 years early.

Wikipedia Xeriscaping

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