130: Gross and Gory Extravaganza

130: Gross and Gory Extravaganza

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
130: Gross and Gory Extravaganza

Amy and Trace dug deep into their “this is too gross for a podcast” files and decided there was just too much quality disgustingness not to do it anyway!!!

WARNING! We aren’t kidding. This stuff is all about glowing mouse brains, stomach burrowing eels, maggots, and SO MUCH MORE. Listen if you dare.

Show Notes:

Live Science – Really Alarming Snake Eels  Spiky, but ripping guys. 

Factinate – Hagfish The grossest. 

Pelicans yawning and debunking pelican spine memes.

The Action Lab and explaining microwaving ants

Beware not for the weak of stomach. Trace finds this video so so GROSS. Mango worms in Africa.

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