264: EpiPens in SPACE

264: EpiPens in SPACE

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
264: EpiPens in SPACE

We LOVE the delightful and sometimes confounding process of scientific discovery. What makes science even better is when kids get to ask big questions and have access to ways to find answers.

Show Notes:

We mention The Muppet Show: if you don’t know, here’s a clip of Statler & Waldorf

Kids discover how EpiPens work in space from The Smithsonian

Cubes in Space: The Only Global STEM Program for Students 11-18 years of Age
Providing Two Suborbital Flight Opportunities on NASA Missions.

Hopkins students invent a battle ready wound bandage

Joseph-Armand Bombardier teenage inventor of the snowmobile!

The Baby Hot Seat

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