265: Underwater Rebreathing

265: Underwater Rebreathing

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
265: Underwater Rebreathing

Some Anoles have the most awesome “in case of emergency” trick! Anoles living near bodies of water can jump in, sink to the bottom, and rebreathe their breath long enough to stay under for over 10 minutes. The science is remarkable (and we learn some cool vocab words).

Show Notes:

What is an Anole? Britannica

Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Blog Aug 19, 202: Air bubbles allow some lizards to breathe underwater

Current Biology vol. 31 issue 13, Repeated evolution of underwater rebreathing in diving Anolis lizards

Need your Tuesday to feel more like freshman English? Here’s those vocab words that will NOT be on the quiz:

Hydrophobic: tending to repel or not mix with water

Rugose: wrinkled, corrugated

Plastron: large pad worn by fencers

And in case you were curious, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from 1968 with Dick Van Dyke

Snake robot legs video!

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