268: Wrinkly Brains

268: Wrinkly Brains

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
268: Wrinkly Brains

Amy protecting all those precious brain wrinkles (special appearance by her husband, Chris). Turns out more isn’t always better– for optimal brain function, at least for people, we need just the right amount of brain folds. Kind of like Goldilocks. To avoid things like epilepsy we need not too many, and not too little, just right.

image of brain coral just for comparison to the human brain (credit samkerridge on pixabay268

Show Notes:

PNAS: TMEM161B modulates radial glial scaffolding in neocortical development

UC San Diego Today article: Study Identifies Cause for Excessive Folding of Gyri in Human Cerebral Cortex

Alzheimer’s and Nun study from Wikipedia

Photo of the Difference in brain folds rats vs humans

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