269: Rat Fannies

269: Rat Fannies

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
269: Rat Fannies

We’re circling back to the African Giant Pouched Rat! Turns out, in addition to being super great at detecting land mines, these rats also have very interesting vaginas.

Show Notes:

Step into the way back machine and give our 100th episode a listen(we talk about bomb sniffing rats)!

Cornell Ed article on vaginal plasticity

Phys Org article by Laura Gallup: Bomb-sniffing rodents undergo ‘weird’ vaginal transformations

Just incase you NEED to know more about thr African Giant Pouched Rat and their stretchy cheeks. Journal of Mammology: Evolution of Cheek Pouches in African Pouched Rats (Rodentia: Cricetomyinae)

YES the FB movie of the snacking rat

P.S. We aren’t really looking for someone to organize our episode contents. Not because we don’t need it. It’s mostly because we run this show on the shoe-stringiest of shoe string budgets 😂

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