280: Kick ’em in the Shorts

280: Kick ’em in the Shorts

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
280: Kick 'em in the Shorts

We’ve plucked a bunch of random facts from the junk drawer! Tree rings, platypusary, and death by salt are just a few of the super cool facts curated for your ears!

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Show Notes:

Funny thing, Trace used articles from C&EN news but some of those articles aren’t available to the “general public”. We’ve got links to other sources covering the information!

Platypusary: Blend of platypus +‎ nursery, coined by Australian naturalist Henry Burrell (1873–1945), the first person who succeeded in constructing a functioning platypusary.

Blue Honey

Chrysippus may have died from laughing at his own joke: Wikipedia

Assassins’ teapot: YouTube

Old old water and one crazy scientist

Like how old? over a million years YIKES

Toxic foods

Medical News Today and just how much salt is too much

Stradivarius in C&EN news

Osmoregulation and bull sharks: You might’ve swum in a lake with one!

More bull sharks!

Flipping over penguins, NOT

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