286: Time Capsules!

286: Time Capsules!

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286: Time Capsules!

Let’s look into the past with time capsules! People have stashed important items in clay pots or the walls of buildings for centuries. It wasn’t until 1939 that the phrase “time capsule” became popular as a way to explain the fascination we have with saving bits of ourselves for the future.

image: US Army photo of 1905 Arlington national Cemetery time capsule being opened

We didn’t hear him in background of the episode, but Leap says hello!

Show Notes:

Norwegian time capsule a bit of a let down: Smithsonian Magazine

Campbell House in Spokane, WA.

1939 New York World’s Fair Westinghouse Time Capsule

Some of the oldest American time capsules!

MFA Boston: Massachusetts 1795 Time Capsule

Voyager Golden Records

Oglethorpe University: Crypt of Civilization

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