7: Unusual Sports (Mayan FIRE Hockey!!!!)

7: Unusual Sports (Mayan FIRE Hockey!!!!)

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7: Unusual Sports (Mayan FIRE Hockey!!!!)

Forget Friday night football and the company softball league! We’ve found the fast and furious of recreational activities. Find yourself wishing field hockey could be more dangerous…never fear, there’s Mayan fire hockey. Or perhaps you long to toss your significant other over a shoulder and run through an obstacle course. Look no further than Wife Carrying (and don’t worry, if you’ve got the muscle you can carry your man too). Make some seven layer dip and grab the nachos; we are talking about everything you never knew you wanted to know about unusual sports.

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  1. We have a nice piece of property in Spokane that would be perfect for the bog snorkeling–cheap too! Call Frank!!

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