Episode 30: Everything About Stuff We Want To Try

Episode 30: Everything About Stuff We Want To Try

Amy’s List:

  1. Beer Choir.
    1. Inland NW Beer Choir
  2. Tap Dancing.
    1. https://www.wikihow.com/Learn-to-Tap-Dance
    2. NY Times Article about an adult who learns to tap dance Author 
      1. So instead of trying to be great or even to get much better, I focused on trying to redefine my notions of “accomplishment” and “knowledge.” I’d been striving my whole life for the best score, the best job, the best book contract. Tap-dancing gave me permission to stop striving and just be stupid. I found it strangely liberating.
      2. That was the “Aha!” moment — the blissful sense of learning through muscle memory, a rare thing in middle age — that made the befuddlement worthwhile.
  3. Rally Car Driving School
    1. DirtFish.com Dirt Fish Video
    2. DirtFish is eager to remind the world that there is still a sand box out there with their name on it.
    3. All kinds of jobs there, particularly if you are a heavy equipment operator.
  4. Glamping
    1. Glamping Hub
    2. Tree House photo courtesy Glamping Hub. There’s a good chance that little cabin has some toilet-like thing! 
    3. Tipi, Caves, Barn, Huts, Igloo, Caboose, Floating, Islands, Towers
    4. From $116 to $3,210 Glamping experience in Nairobi, or $1700 cave experience in Arkansa Ozarks. 
  5.  An Idiot Abroad-Karl Pilkington goes on dream adventures planned by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
  6. Naked Yoga-Not a hobby I’m interested in, but it’s what made me think of the topic.
    1. In some ways, naked yoga is exactly what it sounds like: a 100% in-the-buff yoga experience. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s this super-empowering mix of power and vulnerability, fear and courage.
    2. Health.com Naked Yoga Gabrielle Kassel

Trace’s List

      • Tattoo
      • singing lessons
      • get a book published
      • Seeing eye dog puppy raising
        • Puppies of promise in Spokane (Sorry about the ads. Ugh)


  • Learn French or Spanish. Like really learn it.
  • Riding a unicycle
  • learn street magic (Skip ahead to 1 min 36 sec to get to the magic)


  • Visit all 50 states in the US
    • I’ve been to 24
  • Win a prize at a carnival game
  • During the summer, shop only at local farmers markets
  • The Moth Story hour
  • Start a successful business
    1. T
      • Things I’ve done in the past year that were on the list
      • Podcast
      • bought a kayak
      • Played 21 at a casino