Episode 6: Everything About The Bookshelf: Show Notes

Episode 6: Everything About The Bookshelf: Show Notes

What’s that, Martha? All you can smell is bacon?

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Travel down the long and winding road of misinformation with the “fake news” of 1949 and an entry from The Emigrant’s Guide to California by Joseph E. Ware. Everything you didn’t need on your wagon for supplies — except coffee. Amy would have brought ALL the coffee.

“Sourdough and Hardtack.” The American Heritage Cookbook, by Evan Jones, Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1964, pp. 56–57.



V’s the Velocipede all of us like!

Marsh, Corinna, editor. The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls. 1963rd ed., vol. 1, The University Society, 1963.

Look Ma, no pedals.


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Standard Textbook of Cosmetology

Standard Textbook of Cosmetology. Milday Publishing Corp., 1967. Illustrations by Warren Meek


Snow White

Snow White. Garden City Publishing Co, Inc., 1946. Illustrated by Ninon MacKnight