Episode 15: Everything bout Whimsical Festivals

Episode 15: Everything bout Whimsical Festivals

The National Lentil Festival-Pullman, WA

Lentil Fest 

Photo Courtesy USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council

Night of the Radishes

CNN Night of the Radishes

La Noche de Rábanos, or Night of the Radishes

5 day prep:

  • Day one: Harvest
  • Day two: cleaning
  • Day three & four: Carving
  • Day Five: Placement and display

El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival-Murcia, Spain

Nat Geo El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival

Mid June-blend of Catholic and pagan rituals meant to represent the triumph of good over evil-may have begun as a fertility ritual.

Battle of the Oranges-Northern Italian City of Ivrea

Battle of the Oranges

Cheese Rolling Festival


Cooper’s Hill Cheese rolling a may tradition of death defying sport so dangerous it is often banned.

  • In Gloucester (Glaw-ster)
  • Each may, around 40 contestants men and women run separate races attempt to chase a rolling wheel of cheese down the hill. 200 yards down a 1:2 gradient. That’s around a 30% slope
    • Very difficult to even walk up and down
  • Tradition dates back several hundred years…it doesn’t have a conclusive origin but there is some thought it was meant to celebrate the end of winter and spring crops.
  • At the very top of the hill, a 9 pound wheel of double gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill so steep, the cheese can get up to 70 mph
  • dozens are injured and many are hospitalized
  • You’ve missed this year, mext cheese rolling extravaganza is May 27, 2019
  • Crossed with red and blue, The biggest winner to date is Chris Anderson who has won 22 cheese wheels in 14 years. When asked for the secret of his success…”Just run and try to stay on your feet”

In case you are crazy enough to want to give it a try. May 2019


For my red headed Husband and daughter. People who sunburn on a cloudy day in the dark, UNITE!

Before we go: Roodharigendag Redhead day A celebration of all things red hair.

  • A ginger festival like no other
  • Gingers from 80 countries take over Breda in the netherlands. Since 2005.
  • Scotland 13% Ireland 10% US 2%

Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw & Festival

Cow chips are tossed during the 44th annual Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw & Festival

  • Every fall in Prairie du Sac Around labor day weekend it’s got all the things you’d find at a typical fair
    • face painting, rides etc but then..
    • 40,000 people
    • Tournament of Chips parade & selecting of your cow chip
    • Cow chip throwing for distance
      • Most throw it like a frisbee
        • Current record is 248 feet
      • Winners get a trophy!
      • There is even a world championship of cow chip chucking in Beaver, Oklahoma.


Burning Man

Billed as A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers. Once a year thousands of people head to Nevada’s Black rock desert and create a temporary city– where just about anything goes. Founded on the principle of art and creation…it is an alt-anything fest dedicated to pushing the boundary of society and culture. There are art installations and an emphasis on experience… which ends with the burning of a giant wooden man constructed by the participants.

Started in 1986, the Burning Man fest has grown to over 69,000 participants.

Sunday Aug 26 – Sept , 2018

Up Helly-Aa Fire Festival

A History from Up Helly-Aa.org