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  • 141: Box Beds

    Tired of cold feet and longs nights huddled under not quite warm enough blankets? Maybe you need a box bed. Originating in medieval times, making a bed walled in on […]

  • 140: Beehive Fence

    There are only approximately 400,000 elephants left in the world. Frustrated and saddened by this stark statistic, Dr. Lucy King set out to find a way to make elephants less […]

  • 139: Mummy Passport

    Ramesses II (Also known as Ramses or Rameses) became Pharaoh at the age of 14, had more children than any other Egyptian ruler, and reigned during the golden age of […]

  • 138: Turkey Candy Corn

    When we tried to start recording, the neighbors revved up their engines and insisted on mowing their lawns–so we had all the wacky background noise! For Thanksgiving we got together […]

  • 137: Fred vs The Mississippi

    On July 6th, 1930 Fred Newton dipped a toe into the Mississippi river and explained to reporters that he planned to swim from Minneapolis to New Orleans. Along the way […]

  • 136: Sneaky Potato

    In 1532 the Spanish found out what everyone in South America already knew–potatoes are amazing. But when they brought them back to Europe the reception wasn’t so great. No one […]

  • 135: Moon Junk

    A word on sound quality: We’re still recording remotely. Just pretend Amy is on the moon, reporting from her own personal lunar module. Besides the lander modules left by each […]

  • 134: Glowing Squirrels

    An accidental discovery by scientist Jonathan G. Martin lead to a surprise at his bird feeder. Turns out Flying Squirrels in the United States have a special trait. Under ultraviolet […]

  • 133: Bosch’s Butt Music

    Letting you know straight out the gate that the sound quality of this episode is…eh. We had some remote recording issues again–thanks Covid–but (get it? Butt Music and but? HA! […]

  • 132: Grandma’s Tomato

    The tomato traveled a long strange road of misunderstanding and admiration all the way from the New World to the old and back again. Why did it become the iconic […]