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  • 190: Beard Power

    Those of you with a thick beard on your face, the hair does more than make you look suave or rugged. Turns out, a beard might be protecting your face. […]

  • 189: Disco Clams

    It’s an underwater Brain Storm today with Disco Clams! It’s a 4 inch long clam with fancy red mantle and a line of rippling “disco ball”. It has a sneaky […]

  • 188: Trash Parrots

    Forget raccoons digging into your trash cans, Australia has giant parrots snacking out of trash bins. Some family groups of Sulfur-crested cockatoos are teaching each other how to hack people’s […]

  • 187: Animal Buddy Cops

    In an unexpected turn of events, two predators with very different hunting styles work cooperatively. During the summer months, badgers and coyotes will sometimes team up during the summer months […]

  • 186: Sudden Genius

    Imagine waking up from a nap to discover that you can compose music in your head. What a shock that would be! There are people who are born with savant […]

  • 185: Crash at Crush

    In September of 1896, the town of Crush was created for the sole purpose of crashing two steam trains together. Things did not go according to plan. Image: Baylor Collections

  • 184: Dog Days of Summer

    It’s fall now, but we recorded this episode during the dog days of August. The sky wore a blanket of wildfire smoke and daytime lows were in the mid 90s. […]

  • 183: Telling the Bees

    The last episode with wonky sound. We got all the bugs out. (get it…bugs. cause its an episode about bees. *nudges in dad joke* Many cultures have long believed the […]

  • 182: Squids In Space

    We had four episodes where the sound quality was…odd (and this was one of them). Pretend you’re listening to a NASA broadcast and that we’re coming to you live from […]

  • 181: Goo From the Sky

    Apologies–we had sound quality issues. We did not record from the bottom of a metal trash can while hiding from mystery blobs falling from the sky; we promise. In a […]