135: Moon Junk

135: Moon Junk

Brain Junk
135: Moon Junk

A word on sound quality: We’re still recording remotely. Just pretend Amy is on the moon, reporting from her own personal lunar module.

Besides the lander modules left by each mission, there’s a lot of unexpected junk and treasures left behind by America’s six trips to the moon.

Show Notes:

Check out a hammer vs feather drop experiment done on the moon. Commander David Scott did the demo during the Apollo 15 moon walk. Experiment at 0:23.


Family photo left on the moon by
astronaut Charlie Duke.
image: NASA
The Apollo 15 mission left behind a lunar rover. Too bad the batteries will be long dead by the time another mission lands on the moon. image: NASA
In our era of special effects, these moon photos look so ordinary. This is Neil Armstrong. Reflected in his helmet is Buzz Aldrin taking his picture. That flag, the rover, it’s tracks and their footprints are still there. image: NASA

RMG.co.UK Things left on the moon.
NASA Hammer Feather Drop with article

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