152: All the 2020 Outtakes

152: All the 2020 Outtakes

Brain Junk
152: All the 2020 Outtakes

Warning: Content of a slightly more adult kind. We use a few swear words, talk about illuminated manuscript penis trees, and yes, we may have talked about undescended testicles.

Friends, no lie, 2020 was A YEAR. We went from working in person to recording remotely. It was a huge learning curve changing how we work, but there was one shining star in the whole experience so far–I had so much footage to mine for content.

Enjoy a longer listen of the the two of us being our weird and wacky selves. Getting to laugh with Amy makes Brain Junk one of my most favorite things to do. TK

P.S. Again, apologies for the occasional grainy recording–it took us a while to sort out our long distance recording bugs.

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