169: Naked Man Orchid

169: Naked Man Orchid

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
169: Naked Man Orchid

This episode is probably not safe for work. Could your middle schooler listen and giggle like only a 12-year-old could? Certainly. But we’re marking it explicit so you don’t accidentally have your littles listening to something you aren’t ready for.

Amy got to wondering: what’s out there in the plant world that looks like something besides your garden variety flower. And she landed on the Naked Man Orchid (of course she did).

Creative Commons 2.0 License for some of the images

Naked Man Orchid

Image by YasnaNeysa 2021

Hooker’s Lips

image by SVI

(NSFW) Peter’s Pepper: you’re going to have to look that one up yourself

The Angel Orchid


Dancing Girl Impatiens Image Copyright: https://img.rozbuzz.com/img/638c73f0de4c11e8902b4f

Laughing Bumblebee Orchid

image: Bernard Dupont : Wikipedia

Also look for the: Ballerina Orchid, The Happy Alien, Swaddled babies, Flying Duck Orchid, Dove Orchid, White Egret Orchids

Snap Dragon Skulls

image YasnaNeysa 2021

Show Notes:

DerbyTelegraph.co.uk: World’s Rudest Flowers

EarthPorn.com: Flowers that look like something else.

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