178: Manatee Farts (and a whole lot more)

178: Manatee Farts (and a whole lot more)

Brain Junk
178: Manatee Farts (and a whole lot more)

You know what happens when Amy and Trace are finally back in the same recording studio? We talk about farts. Our inner twelve-year-old selves love all things gross and we had the best time laughing about animals that pass gas and those that don’t. The very beginning of this podcast started out three years ago with the two of us giggling about whale farts–this episode is classic Brain Junk!


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Show Notes:

This episode is brought to you by my brother-in-law, Ryan Stewart. Come for the manatee farts, but stay for the ferrets, who are surprised by their own farts. 

Mental Floss Facts About Animal Farts

Note: Trace and I had some discussion about animals who “can’t fart” we decided that perhaps a better way to say it is that certain animals have the physical set up to fart, but expel their excess gas in other ways, so rather than can’t, we’d say they generally don’t.

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