257: Pruney Fingers

257: Pruney Fingers

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
257: Pruney Fingers

Are you Team Amy, who adores getting wrinkled fingers or are you on Team Trace, who can’t STAND having pruney fingers because they’re gross (there’s no right answer here, except Trace is right).

We were surprised to learn the science of wrinkled-in-water fingers. It’s not from absorbing water like we were told as kids.

Show Notes:

A blast from the past Episode 194: Iris Sphincters

The TikTok that got me interested in all things wrinkled fingers Dex (@dexter.mp4)

Nature: Science gets a grip on wrinkly fingers by Becky Summers

PLOS ONE: Water-immersion finger-wrinkling improves grip efficiency in handling wet objects

Newcastle University: Dr. Tom Smulders paper in wet grip vs dry grip in Biology Letters

Learn more with the BBC

Japanese Snow Monkeys

Does cake have anything to do with pruney fingers? Absolutely not. But this is a fun watch. Tomato soup cake with B. Dylan Hollis

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