262: Dog Years

262: Dog Years

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262: Dog Years

Turns out the old school calculation for dogs aging seven years to every one of our human years isn’t quite accurate. There are better ways to calculate aging with epigenetics (FYI epigenetics is┬áthe study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work).

image of young puppy and adult dog from Pixabay

Show Notes:

Correction Corner! We got things wrong listing Trey Idecker as the main author of the Cell Systems paper. While Idecker was the Senior author, it was Tina Wang who was First Author.

  • UC San Diego article about Tina Wang and Trey Idecker with a charming age graph comparison of Tom Hanks to a Golden Lab.

We mention a Jan 2023 study in Science talking about age reversal in mice!

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