276: Dad, Dad, AND Mom?

276: Dad, Dad, AND Mom?

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
276: Dad, Dad, AND Mom?

If you thought a person always has only one male parent and one female parent, well…you’d be wrong. Most of the time the two parent thing is the rule, but occasionally it is possible, mostly in a lab, to have a child with three genetic contributors.

Show Notes: (It’s a good thing this isn’t on paper ’cause there are tons of notes this time)

228: Why Don’t We Lay Eggs? We talk about how viruses change who we are.

LiveScience: What is the maximum number of biological parents an organism can have?

Genome Biology and Evolution from Oxford Academic: Genome Expression Balance in a Triploid Trihybrid Vertebrate 

Nature: First UK children born using three-person IVF: what scientists want to know

Famous internet cat might not be a chimera but rather an example of mosaicism. Gotta love a chromosomal triploid

NIH National Library of Medicine and the possibility of having “multiple parents”: Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques: Ethical, Social, and Policy Considerations.

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