287: Halloween!

287: Halloween!

Brain Junk
287: Halloween!

It’s the 31st of October and we’ve got some tricks and treats for you! We’ve dug up a whole bag of weird facts from ghost month in China to brain worms to devil’s chairs. Settle in with your pile of candy and unwrap this creepy episode with us.

P.S. Trace’s lovely sister-in-law, Kathleen made an Excel spreadsheet of all our episodes and it’s coming soon to our website for you to dig through.

Show Notes:

Australian woman with a BRAIN WORM

The Nun study

Extra mouse teeth

Popular Mechanics article about supernumerary teeth

2024 tooth clinical trial

Brains at night

And the Science article: Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain

Ghost month

Legend tripping: mourning chairs/devils chairs

flying ticks and the tick video that had Trace reeling!

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