302: Potato Chip Taste Test

302: Potato Chip Taste Test

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
302: Potato Chip Taste Test

We recorded IN PERSON!

Trace brought back a whole bunch of fun flavored chips from Uwajimaya, a fantastic Asian grocery store in Seattle! Check out the show notes for our 5 other taste test episodes!

Show Notes:

P.S. If you like the Non Newtonian fluid cup, it’s in our Merch store!

P.S.S. in defense of the Pizza flavored chips, when Trace tried them the next day, she could taste the peperoni.

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[00:00:03] Speaker A: Welcome to Brain Junk. I’m Amy Barton.

[00:00:05] Speaker B: And I’m Trace Kerr. And we’re in the same room together.

[00:00:09] Speaker A: I was just debating. Can I interrupt and say we’re here together, right by each other.

[00:00:14] Speaker B: It’s kind of weird. And we only have one microphone because equipment. And so we’re very close. We’re standing very not. We’re not huggers. We’re very close to each other. But we’re here because we’re going. I know. We’re going to talk about. We’re going to do a taste test.

[00:00:28] Speaker A: Yes. And we’re having a whole sensory experience right now already. Actually, there are some smells happening here.

[00:00:35] Speaker B: Yeah. Because I wanted to do the fun, different potato chips that we don’t get here in the United States. But every time I go on, like Amazon or something, the teeny tiny bags were an insane amount of money.

[00:00:49] Speaker A: Yes. Like 39 99 for two bags or something. Absurd.

[00:00:52] Speaker B: And then shipping.

[00:00:53] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:00:54] Speaker B: And I was at Wajamaya, which is an asian grocery store over in Seattle this weekend, and they had like a wall of a variety of chips.

[00:01:06] Speaker A: Do you remember when lay’s did? They had a whole series, so it was like biscuits and gravy and there was like a korean barbecue or something. That was delightful. But that’s as close as we’ve gotten here in the US to anything unique. Yeah.

[00:01:18] Speaker B: So all different. I immediately texted Amy and I was like, how do you feel about this? And you were like, no seafood. But what we’re doing is I put tags on the little chip bags of numbers one through seven.

[00:01:33] Speaker A: Nice.

[00:01:33] Speaker B: And then I made plates with one through seven and then gave it to Chaz. And he was like, we should have double blind randomized. And I was like, no, do not take the numbers off of the bags so we don’t know. So we can try to figure out what the flavor is just by tasting it, and then we can check the bags.

[00:01:52] Speaker A: Excellent.

[00:01:53] Speaker B: See how close we were, because I love that idea.

Science. Although it’s only two people, I predict.

[00:02:01] Speaker A: That I am going to be very suggestible because my sense of smell is not always particularly reliable. I thought we had an electrical burning smell and they’re like, oh, no, that’s peach tea or something.

All right. Yeah, that could also be that it wasn’t peach tea, but it was something entirely different. And so I’m wondering if my sense of taste will be similar. Like, I’m not going to. We’re going to find out.

[00:02:25] Speaker B: Yeah. And we have all seven out at the same time in the tiny blanket fort. And there’s some seaweed. There’s some vegetable smells. It’s interesting.

Should we get started with number one?

Number one looks like your traditional lay’s potato chip.

[00:02:41] Speaker A: It looks like sour cream and onion.

[00:02:43] Speaker B: It does. It’s got like, little green flecks on it.

[00:02:46] Speaker A: Smells like lawn that’s been in the bag for a day. Okay, I licked mine first. I’m going to go in cautious here.

[00:02:55] Speaker B: Now, this is like the candy corn experience.

[00:02:58] Speaker A: I’m not opposed to this. I’m not either.

[00:03:01] Speaker B: Now I’m not so sure I know what it is. I’m going to let you guess first.

[00:03:04] Speaker A: Because it’s ringing bells and I cannot nail it down. I should tell you that I have a potential allergic responses to mango and pistachio.

[00:03:13] Speaker B: I don’t think any of that is here. Great. Okay. I will tell you. It’s vegetable. Yes, it’s kind of vegetable.

[00:03:20] Speaker A: It’s a friendly place in my brain, but I cannot decide what it is. And I don’t know if I’d want to eat a giant pile of these.

[00:03:26] Speaker B: What if I said, like, not radish? Typical midwestern farm table dinner vegetable.

[00:03:33] Speaker A: Oh.

[00:03:33] Speaker B: Sliced up, usually it would be tomatoes and on a plate, pickles is what goes on plates.

[00:03:38] Speaker A: Tomatoes and pickles and onions. In my family, I am from the northwest. I do come from farm people. But if there’s tomatoes on the table.

[00:03:46] Speaker B: I don’t know because there’s a little bit of seaweed.

[00:03:49] Speaker A: Yeah. Yes. I would agree with that.

[00:03:51] Speaker B: It’s a cooling vegetable. Some people.

[00:03:53] Speaker A: Cucumbers.

[00:03:54] Speaker B: Cucumber. I think it’s cucumber.

[00:03:56] Speaker A: I would agree with that potentially.

[00:03:57] Speaker B: It’s got that cool.

[00:03:59] Speaker A: Almost a little bit of sweetness.

[00:04:01] Speaker B: Yeah. Supposedly women really love the cucumber smell over others.

[00:04:07] Speaker A: Am I pissed off by that? Women love cucumbers.

[00:04:11] Speaker B: So green.

[00:04:12] Speaker A: Or is it like women love cucumbers because of our excessive intelligence or the genetic marker, blah, blah, blah.

Give me the right answer here. Also, while you’re looking that up, we definitely like, if there’s something spicy in here, we have to create that. Yummy cucumbers with, like, rice wine vinegar and chilies and a little sugar. We can create that with chips. I’m going to try.

[00:04:37] Speaker B: Okay. So according to Chicago Tribune for Women, the smell of baby powder is a real turn on. I don’t know if I agree with this.

[00:04:45] Speaker A: What are they saying about good and plenty’s?

[00:04:46] Speaker B: I like also the licorice candy and cucumber. Really?

Well, I got to tell you that sniffing these chips, I do not feel like I need to go on a date or anything.

[00:04:56] Speaker A: No, we haven’t consulted a primary source on that. Everyone.

[00:05:01] Speaker B: It’s one of those things where all of the immediate things on Google are agreeing, which tells me. And none of them are science based.

[00:05:09] Speaker A: They all read a Huffington Post article.

[00:05:11] Speaker B: They did. They’re all like, Buzzfeed says cucumbers are arousing. So that’s probably where I got it. Well, let’s hit number two.

[00:05:17] Speaker A: Okay.

[00:05:18] Speaker B: Again. Also looks like kind of a boring lay’s potato chip. Just that thin chip looking guy.

[00:05:23] Speaker A: Oh, this has maybe a spicy sweet smell.

[00:05:27] Speaker B: Kind of. Kind of some bullion action.

[00:05:29] Speaker A: I just licked it and I’m definitely getting like the puff from the ramen packet that you get when you put it in.

[00:05:34] Speaker B: You’re not going to like this. No.

[00:05:36] Speaker A: Oh, no, I’m not.

[00:05:38] Speaker B: It’s like seaweed ramen and maybe like fishy.

[00:05:43] Speaker A: There are some crackers that you can get. They’re a rice cracker and they’re like a little bigger than a Ritz. And they start out kind of like this, but they’re a little on the sweet side. And you’re like, this is great. And then it’s like, oh, but it finishes with fishy seaweed. But it’s not hugely strong.

[00:05:58] Speaker B: No.

[00:05:59] Speaker A: These chips are called by the seashore.

[00:06:02] Speaker B: This is ocean experience.

[00:06:06] Speaker A: They’re inspired by seaweed, but they don’t put a lot in for budgetary purposes.

[00:06:10] Speaker B: See, it’s one of these things where, because I was looking at when you watch YouTube videos of people trying different things around the world, different grocery stores, potato chips are one of those ones where the UK, it’s got salt and Vinegar and Australia has chicken salt, which I have so many questions about.

[00:06:26] Speaker A: Canadians are very into the ketchup.

[00:06:29] Speaker B: Well, why can’t we get some of that stuff then? You know, you have something like this one, which is good, but it’s definitely not a flavor profile that most Americans eat.

[00:06:38] Speaker A: I think my son would like this. He’s very into all sorts of ramen and he makes.

[00:06:42] Speaker B: Yes, but if you’re not used to this kind of flavor, if your idea of a Monday night meal is like meatloaf and potatoes, this soy sauce, fishy, maybe squiddy sort of thing that’s going.

[00:06:56] Speaker A: On, it could be more in that zone.

[00:06:58] Speaker B: Might not be quite up your alley.

[00:07:00] Speaker A: To their credit, they’re not punching you in the face with it. So I do think of my more oceany flavored snacks. This one is okay. It’s just not my favorite, but it does lead with that sort of, like, beef ramen flavor, almost. Yeah, but it’s brief.

[00:07:16] Speaker B: Like you’ve just eaten the packet. Yeah, a little bit.

[00:07:19] Speaker A: Licked a little on your fingers.

[00:07:21] Speaker B: I like the cucumbery. One more so far.

[00:07:24] Speaker A: So ladies do like cucumber. Oh, my God.

Okay, number three. Looks like bougie ruffles has ridges.

[00:07:32] Speaker B: It is huge ridges. Yeah, on those ruffles, it’s more like.

[00:07:35] Speaker A: You got your crimping iron out for this.

Ooh, I am already on top of this one, baby.

[00:07:40] Speaker B: It’s like 80s hair.

[00:07:42] Speaker A: It’s going to taste like it too. No, this one smells like chicken bouillon out the gate for me. I’m excited about it. No, this is giving me happy ramen vibes.

[00:07:51] Speaker B: Ooh, this is delicious.

Oh, okay. So when I was in middle school, high school, we would get the ramen, and then I would take it dry, bust it up, put the powder on it, and eat it like that as a snack. That’s what these taste like.

[00:08:09] Speaker A: It’s got a fairly significant celery flavor in there.

[00:08:14] Speaker B: Yes.

[00:08:15] Speaker A: So if you told me they were trying to imitate some sort of turkey stuffing situation, I’d be like, oh, I like that. Good job. High five.

[00:08:21] Speaker B: I do agree. It is very celery heavy.

[00:08:24] Speaker A: This is what Americans would like.

[00:08:26] Speaker B: A little spicy on the back.

[00:08:28] Speaker A: Yes, just a little.

[00:08:29] Speaker B: Of course. I also think black pepper is spicy because I’m that white. But, like, we both have a hefty.

[00:08:34] Speaker A: Amount of irish in it, don’t we?

[00:08:37] Speaker B: I like my house cold and my food not quite so spicy. Please.

[00:08:41] Speaker A: I know. Tell us what you do with your potatoes, and we’ll tell you where in the world you’re from. We just boil ours. It’s nice. Sometimes we mash them. It’s definitely also got that turkey vibe.

[00:08:51] Speaker B: Like a ramen. Maybe it’s just a ramen.

[00:08:53] Speaker A: Yeah.

I would buy, like, a turkey or chicken ramen. Excuse me. Okay, so my rating is so far. I would go with three. One, two. So our ramen, cucumbers, and by the sea.

[00:09:10] Speaker B: Okay.

[00:09:10] Speaker A: I’m excited for the next one, though, because it’s like a small pringle. It’s not much smaller, but it’s small enough that it makes it cute.

[00:09:16] Speaker B: It is. Oh, you know what? You’re right. It is smaller. Petite pringle.

[00:09:19] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:09:20] Speaker B: That was a lot of sniff. If you were in here, you’d be able to hear Amy going, it was a lot of sniff.

[00:09:25] Speaker A: This has a tomato vibe right away.

[00:09:27] Speaker B: For me, all I can taste is that other chip. I need another drink of water.

[00:09:30] Speaker A: Pringles have such a distinct. Or not just pringles, these pressed chips, where it’s like potato has been mashed to death and then extruded, has a very potato.

[00:09:41] Speaker B: They’re not allowed to call themselves potato chips. They have to call themselves, like, a potato. Potato inspired something. It’ll be on the can because this is a pringle. I’m not getting, like.

[00:09:51] Speaker A: It’s not salsa. E. My first thought was tomato, but it’s not as strong.

[00:09:56] Speaker B: You’re right.

[00:09:56] Speaker A: No.

[00:09:56] Speaker B: Now that I’m eating the second one, I am getting that tomato.

[00:10:00] Speaker A: Maybe this is ketchup. Americans would like this one, too. We could put these away, but would.

[00:10:04] Speaker B: You take them to the football game?

[00:10:06] Speaker A: They’re not very grabbable because principles are hard down in the can, and you get stuck. Yeah.

So, no.

[00:10:15] Speaker B: So one of the things I was looking up when I was looking at potato chips that crunchy foods help you make serotonin.

[00:10:21] Speaker A: Really? They literally make you. Literally, yes.

[00:10:24] Speaker B: So, serotonin, it’s the chemical acts like a hormone, carries messages between nerve cells in the brain. But 90% of serotonin is made in your gut, in your intestines. So you’re chewing this crunchy thing, and the crunchy, crunchy crunchies kind of gets everything stimulated, and then it makes you do some happy stuff. So they found that people with adhd and autism and depression, you might be angling if you find yourself going, you.

[00:10:48] Speaker A: Know what I really need is some crunch.

[00:10:50] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:10:51] Speaker A: Probably doesn’t matter. Like, you could crunch a carrot, and the crunch is happy. Or is it happier when it’s salty crunchy.

[00:10:57] Speaker B: It’s probably the fatty stuff, but, yeah. Just the crunch alone is helpful.

[00:11:02] Speaker A: I have heard it tells your brain, like, soup is warm and wonderful and filling. But eat something with crunch. So your brain knows you ate food.

You’re not just having a beverage.

[00:11:11] Speaker B: It’s like you’re just drinking. That’s not a meal.

[00:11:13] Speaker A: Yeah. Even though you start to feel sloshy.

Yeah. So we’re a little over halfway, and we’re getting to the one. This next one looks like a traditional cheeto. The skinny, knobby ones, yellow, like a potato chip, but they have, like, you sprinkled them in Boolean.

[00:11:30] Speaker B: Yeah. They’re not cheeto orange. They’re brown.

[00:11:33] Speaker A: Yeah. This one, initially, I’m licking everything first.

She’s very cautious, very trusting. Okay.

[00:11:40] Speaker B: I expected a cheeto texture, and they look like cheetos, but you know how, like, the cheesy cheetos are super crunch. Yeah, this almost is kind of, like, hollow on the inside.

[00:11:49] Speaker A: Oh, it tastes like something too. It’s more like a puffed rice snack or almost more in the zone of a rice cake or a. Yeah, I don’t think it’s quite in the land of teriyaki, but if you told me it was in that zone, I would be like, yes. Okay.

[00:12:10] Speaker B: The suggestivity. It tastes like hot cocoa. You’re right.

[00:12:14] Speaker A: Good.

[00:12:14] Speaker B: No, it doesn’t. And it’s kind of buttery.

[00:12:17] Speaker A: Right, but is that the flavor of the chip?

[00:12:19] Speaker B: No. Yeah, it might be the chip. Who needs wine tasting when you can talk about the buttery soy sauce notes of the strange snack on a paper plate?

[00:12:27] Speaker A: I am enjoying that one. And now we haven’t had anything spicy yet, but we talked about, what’s my spice level?

[00:12:34] Speaker B: Well, I don’t think I got any hot because high five. There was hot, hot, hot pot, and I thought if I ate that, I wouldn’t be able to taste anything after that. And then there was a.

[00:12:44] Speaker A: And some of those are like, oh, what are the rolled up ones?

[00:12:47] Speaker B: Oh, like a taki.

[00:12:48] Speaker A: Yes. They look. You can just tell.


[00:12:51] Speaker B: And then there was a spicy pepper crab, and I was like, well, spicy. No. And it looked very crabby. And I know you were like, mine, no seafood. And so I was like, okay, no, maybe. No on this spicy hot crab. All right, I’m ready for number six.

[00:13:07] Speaker A: Okay.

[00:13:08] Speaker B: Also, again, we’re back into the lays looking kind of thing.

[00:13:11] Speaker A: Traditional, like a kettle chip. It looks like it used to be a potato.

[00:13:15] Speaker B: Kind of a. Oh, bacony question mark.

[00:13:17] Speaker A: Tuna bacon casserole.

[00:13:21] Speaker B: My mom used to put potato chips on the tuna casserole. Did any all have casserole with potato chips on it? That was the only thing that got me through.

[00:13:28] Speaker A: Very few things that I could not eat. And I remember sitting at the table and gagging on tuna casserole. It was rotini pasta. It was tuna. It was probably a can of cream soup.

[00:13:39] Speaker B: Cream of mushroom, probably. Yeah. Celery, maybe. Yeah. Honestly, the potato chips were the only thing that got me through it as a child.

[00:13:46] Speaker A: There were no chips on top of barbecue.

[00:13:48] Speaker B: This tastes like barbecue. Like barbecued beef.

[00:13:50] Speaker A: Yes, maybe. And I’m not enjoying it. I wouldn’t eat more of those.

[00:13:53] Speaker B: Also, often with barbecue flavor, things has a little heat at the end too. Yes. The smoky. You can’t see my air quotes, people, but the smoky flavor kind of tastes like I licked a barbecue.

[00:14:07] Speaker A: Exactly. I was just trying to quantify.

It’s a little greasy.

It’s definitely a fake smoke. You know when you watch a baking show and the person goes in with, like, strawberry extract and you’re like, no. And you know they’re going to taste it. The judges always can tell they’re, like, used an extract. Didn’t you? This is that feeling.

[00:14:31] Speaker B: Yeah. I don’t need to eat another one. And it’s kind of hot.

[00:14:35] Speaker A: I like the thought, but there was something in it that definitely had that same.

[00:14:41] Speaker B: I’m going to cleanse my palate with the cucumber because I need some help. Yeah, that number six is some sort of barbecue. And I’m sorry. When we figure out what these are, if you adore that flavor, there’s more for you.

[00:14:53] Speaker A: Because we’re not snatching those up.

[00:14:54] Speaker B: No.

[00:14:54] Speaker A: And now I’m definitely reading that’s definitely barbecue. And that’s definitely cucumber.

[00:14:59] Speaker B: Yeah.

[00:15:00] Speaker A: Final one. Number seven has little skinny lines and looks more like the lays or the ruffles with ridges, but they’re skinny and close together.

[00:15:07] Speaker B: Yes.

[00:15:08] Speaker A: We need more water to wash it out with cucumber.

[00:15:11] Speaker B: But see, the nice thing about the magic of recording is we can be all slurpee and sippy and then cut it out.

[00:15:19] Speaker A: Got about an inch and a half of water left. What’s this next one going to be like? It’s got some green flecks, and it initially smells maybe like cheese.

[00:15:27] Speaker B: Okay, I’m getting, like, what am I getting? I’m so confused right now. Cheese question.

[00:15:31] Speaker A: I definitely have a cheese vibe, but.

[00:15:34] Speaker B: Not like a ruffle, sour cream and cheddar sort of cheese vibe. This is much more subtle. Yeah, it’s sweeter. Like, it has a sweet. Almost like a sweet corn profile. Question mark.

[00:15:47] Speaker A: Maybe I like it. I went in for another one. Maybe it’s elote because that would have a corny, cheesy. Whatever this little green spice on here is.

[00:15:56] Speaker B: Whatever this stuff is that’s in there.

I don’t know. Shall I get the bag? Shall we come to some big reveal?

[00:16:04] Speaker A: It’s not got any spice like an elote might.

[00:16:07] Speaker B: No, it’s not like a chili powder kind of thing.

[00:16:10] Speaker A: It is just a teeny bit sweet.

[00:16:12] Speaker B: I don’t have my. Let’s see.

[00:16:14] Speaker A: Do you want me to move plates?

[00:16:15] Speaker B: No. Okay, I’m just going to grab. So I stuck random numbers on bags. Right.

So I’m just going to grab bags out, and we’ll look at them.

[00:16:26] Speaker A: We’ll tell you what may not be order.

[00:16:28] Speaker B: So seven is.

[00:16:30] Speaker A: Oh, pizza.

[00:16:31] Speaker B: Pizza.

[00:16:32] Speaker A: I don’t think I agree.

[00:16:33] Speaker B: Wow. So I got melty cheese.

[00:16:35] Speaker A: Yep.

[00:16:36] Speaker B: Okay. If you sniff the bag, it kind of smells like cafeteria garlic bread.

[00:16:41] Speaker A: They show pepperoni on this cheese. Pizza slice. On the pizza slice.

[00:16:45] Speaker B: And.

[00:16:45] Speaker A: Yeah, I’m not getting that.

[00:16:47] Speaker B: This is by Calbi.

[00:16:49] Speaker A: I would eat those. Probably a lot of them.

[00:16:51] Speaker B: It is a zesty pizza kick. Bon appetito. Bon appetito.

[00:17:00] Speaker A: Number seven is tasty, but maybe not quite as pizza forward as build.

[00:17:07] Speaker B: All right, then we’ve got. What is this? Three? So three was the one that we both like. The big ridges kind of thought like, it was like ramen.

[00:17:14] Speaker A: Okay, what do they think?

[00:17:15] Speaker B: Oh, and this is chicken wing.

[00:17:17] Speaker A: Oh, chicken wing.

[00:17:18] Speaker B: It says here artificial chicken wing flavor.

[00:17:23] Speaker A: That explains the celery.

[00:17:25] Speaker B: Yeah. Because they’ve got, like, chicken kind of bouilloni sort of action.

[00:17:30] Speaker A: I agree with that much more.

[00:17:31] Speaker B: I do too. These are lays, and I’m not expecting international lays. Product of China.

[00:17:36] Speaker A: Oh, okay. Nice.

[00:17:38] Speaker B: 100% like me. The ridgy chicken ones. Okay, so the one that you said was a pringle. Okay. It is tomato.

[00:17:45] Speaker A: Oh. It’s a bright pink container, you guys, we’ll take pictures.

[00:17:50] Speaker B: It is a very bright pink container.

[00:17:53] Speaker A: Barbie wanted some tomato pringles.

[00:17:55] Speaker B: It’s also lays. I saw this one. This is the one that I saw, like, across a room, and I tried to grab them without looking at what they were. If it had seafood on it, I was like, nope. And I just put the rest of them. It was kind of funny because Chaz had the basket, and I was just like, grab, throw, grab, throw. And you. Don’t you want to look? No, I don’t want to know. I don’t want to. One. Number one.

[00:18:20] Speaker A: Okay.

[00:18:20] Speaker B: It is cucumber flavor.

[00:18:22] Speaker A: Okay. See? And lay’s is a winner. Today. We have a third lay’s choice.

[00:18:25] Speaker B: Yeah. That was what a lot of them were.

[00:18:28] Speaker A: Lays trying weird stuff.

[00:18:29] Speaker B: Well, I mean, I guess.

[00:18:30] Speaker A: And that’s just straight cucumber flavor. They’re not nothing else.

[00:18:34] Speaker B: Yeah, that’s what they. I mean, you can look at the little ingredients.

[00:18:37] Speaker A: Well, I do not read Chinese, sadly.

[00:18:40] Speaker B: They have labels on them that does.

[00:18:42] Speaker A: Smell kind of right there.

[00:18:43] Speaker B: They have labels where you can cheat.

[00:18:45] Speaker A: Oh, yes. When you go to world market and you buy the chocolate. And they’ve had to stick because apparently, Europeans do not care what’s in their chocolate.

[00:18:52] Speaker B: No, but we want to know.

[00:18:53] Speaker A: They don’t care the same thing. They probably don’t care something.

[00:18:55] Speaker B: Okay, so the cheeto. It is a cheeto.

[00:18:59] Speaker A: It is a cheeto brand.

[00:19:00] Speaker B: And there is meat with, like, an herb on it.

[00:19:04] Speaker A: It’s like a patty of meat.

[00:19:05] Speaker B: Steak flavor.

[00:19:06] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:19:07] Speaker B: Like a little steak.

Korean barbecue. Sort of like the meat where it looks like more fat than meat. That would explain kind of why this has that butter.

[00:19:14] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:19:15] Speaker B: The butter vibe.

[00:19:16] Speaker A: Yeah. I liked those, but I hate them. This would be like if you buy Cadbury here versus Cadbury in the UK. It tastes different.

[00:19:25] Speaker B: Is it different?

[00:19:27] Speaker A: And these cheetos, I would also say the same thing. Like, they’re manufactured a little differently.

[00:19:32] Speaker B: That texture.

[00:19:33] Speaker A: Or maybe it’s just that cheese powder.

[00:19:36] Speaker B: Duh.

[00:19:37] Speaker A: Something.

[00:19:37] Speaker B: I don’t know. I do think the texture is different. They’re not as crispy.

[00:19:41] Speaker A: No.

[00:19:41] Speaker B: It might be that. Where these are sold, this looks like. Oh, that’s interesting. Product of china, but imported through.

Have a. What is this one?

[00:19:56] Speaker A: Which number?

[00:19:56] Speaker B: Number six.

I’m going to lean into this again. Yeah.

[00:20:00] Speaker A: What was.

[00:20:00] Speaker B: Hmm. Now that I know it’s lamb.

[00:20:03] Speaker A: Oh, yes.

[00:20:04] Speaker B: Yes, it is. Roasted cumin, lamb. Skewer flavor. Once I saw that it said lamb, I could taste the lamb a little spicy.

[00:20:12] Speaker A: I forgot they’re trying to get that grilled flavor in, and it’s just a little bit like.

[00:20:17] Speaker B: Yeah. Say this is more like a mutton.

[00:20:19] Speaker A: Yes. Got sweaty sheepy. Yes. I would rate that one as not entirely pleasant. Okay.

[00:20:26] Speaker B: But it does nail the flavor.

[00:20:28] Speaker A: It does, right.

[00:20:29] Speaker B: Okay. I’m not in love with it.

[00:20:31] Speaker A: No.

[00:20:31] Speaker B: But it does hit.

[00:20:33] Speaker A: But if you like a good mutton kebab, you go find.

[00:20:36] Speaker B: That’s it. Okay, so the last one.

Let’s see number two. What did we think number two was? Fishy. Question mark.

[00:20:47] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:20:47] Speaker B: Oh, no, it is crab. I’m so sorry.

[00:20:50] Speaker A: It wasn’t, like, horrible crab, though. It was all right. Just plain old crab.

[00:20:54] Speaker B: Fried crab.

[00:20:54] Speaker A: Fried crab. Oh, really? Fried. Why did I do that? There’s definitely. That would explain maybe why it wasn’t quite so punchy in the face. They’ve got that kind of fried yummy.

[00:21:05] Speaker B: I like the fried crab. I know you don’t like it. I’m sorry.

[00:21:10] Speaker A: Well, now that I think the idea that I know what it is, I firmly know what it is, my brain.

[00:21:14] Speaker B: Is feeling different because they had one that had korean barbecued squid on it. So I avoided that.

[00:21:19] Speaker A: Thank you.

[00:21:20] Speaker B: And there was another one that had, like, a fish on it, and I avoided that. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the crab.

[00:21:27] Speaker A: He’s pretty cute down there at the bottom of the bag.

[00:21:29] Speaker B: He is. Right. And these bags, bright blue, bright purple. Yeah.

[00:21:33] Speaker A: The packaging is winning food bags that.

[00:21:36] Speaker B: I mean, we don’t do purple.

[00:21:37] Speaker A: No, that’s not a food color. Aqua is not a food color. Maybe sometimes, but yeah.

[00:21:43] Speaker B: Okay. So I’m so glad we did this.

[00:21:46] Speaker A: Yeah.

[00:21:47] Speaker B: Which ones are you taking home?

[00:21:49] Speaker A: The ones that I would sit and snack on without thinking about it would definitely be. I want to love the cheeto one because I am kind of happy about the texture isn’t crunchy like our cheetos, but it is crisp. And I like that corny flavor, but I am just off put by that.

[00:22:05] Speaker B: The smoke.

[00:22:06] Speaker A: I would definitely eat the pizza ones that didn’t taste like pizza entirely.

[00:22:09] Speaker B: They don’t.

[00:22:10] Speaker A: The wings, cucumbers. Nice. But I’ve had enough of those.

I will not be eating more mutton or more crab.

[00:22:19] Speaker B: That mutton, man.

[00:22:20] Speaker A: The tomato ones were nice.

[00:22:21] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay, so what’s the takeaway?

[00:22:24] Speaker A: The takeaway is taste very widely.

[00:22:26] Speaker B: Try some different stuff. Right? Yeah. And I got to say, too, 100%. This is way better than the turkey gravy or even the. What was the. There was, like, taco truck.

[00:22:38] Speaker A: Oh, the salsa cilantro should not be a part of candy. How could I forget this? And I was trying to think how long ago we did this with the taco truck.

[00:22:49] Speaker B: And it’s been a while. It’s been a hot minute.

And also, we just had the 300th episode come out, so this is kind of like a yay celebrate. Let’s be silly for that. But if you want to watch those other ones, I will have in the, listen to those other ones I’ll have in the show notes, our other tasty things. If you have ideas for stuff that we could do, like this, something you enjoy. Brainjuckpodcast@gmail.com. And also, we’re on YouTube now.

[00:23:17] Speaker A: Yes.

[00:23:18] Speaker B: But we’re going to be doing reverse. We’re going to start at the beginning. And it was, I got to tell you, catalog. So I put one, two, three. I’m going to do one a day for a month.

[00:23:28] Speaker A: Okay. They’re so, it’s wild to me that that’s only 10%.

[00:23:32] Speaker B: We sound so like, not that we know what we’re doing.

[00:23:39] Speaker A: Surprise.

[00:23:40] Speaker B: It’s welcome to Brain junk. I’m Trace Kerr. And I’m Amy Barton. And it’s very clear that we’re reading a script that we. Oh, but it’s kind of fun to go back. And then, you know, if you like listening on YouTube, like when you’re doing something else, you could work your way forward or skip around.

[00:23:59] Speaker A: Yeah, I like the idea of doing a retro food episode again because we did some weird american foods.

There’s so much out there that, especially in that post World War II era, what people did with food just exploded.

[00:24:15] Speaker B: Maybe some fun, odd drinks, some jello molds.

[00:24:19] Speaker A: I’m thinking an aspic. I’ve never tried an aspic. Oh, yeah. It’s going to be bad.

[00:24:24] Speaker B: I don’t. Part of the fun lime jello tuna fish. Right.

[00:24:30] Speaker A: And we’re going to chase it with buttermilk. Oh, God.


[00:24:36] Speaker B: Well, high five. High five.

[00:24:38] Speaker A: Thank you, listeners, for joining us on this adventure. Do this with your family. There’s a few markets around town. World market here in Spokane does have some international foods that might expose you to some tastes you don’t ordinarily get.

[00:24:51] Speaker B: Yep. And you can, like I said, you can order this stuff if you feel ambitious and your wallet’s feeling very full and great.

[00:24:58] Speaker A: Tax refund.

[00:24:59] Speaker B: No. There were so many cool places, like in the UK and stuff like that where you could order stuff. I did a lot of looking over the pandemic because I was like, I need to do, but I’m cheap. So this is perfect. If you’re in Seattle, hit and bring.

[00:25:13] Speaker A: An extra suitcase when you travel internationally. It’ll weigh, like, two pounds when you come back because it’s all potato chips, and you will definitely be searched.

[00:25:20] Speaker B: But look, I like snacking. Don’t bother me.

[00:25:23] Speaker A: Would you like this bag? It tastes like lamb kebabs.

[00:25:26] Speaker B: This one tastes like chicken.

[00:25:29] Speaker A: I don’t hate that.

[00:25:31] Speaker B: All right.

[00:25:31] Speaker A: Me either. If you’d like to hear more episodes, ask your smart speaker to play brain junk podcast. Your hands can be dirty with chip dust on them, and you can still move to the next podcast.

[00:25:41] Speaker B: Oh, and Amy and I will catch you next time. When we managed to wash our hands off so I could turn off the record button.

And we will share more of thing you never knew you wanted to know, and I guarantee you will not be bored.

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  1. Hello Lady’s…Just Letting you know There Are Small Mom And Pop Chip Company’s Out there that have different flavors also….Yes, That was a lead into my Chip Company Atomic Potato Chip Company …LOL….We are up to 26 flavors and all taste just like what there supposed to…Fresh Handmade In Idaho with Idaho Potatoes… Thanks

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