80: Weather, Whether You Like it or Not

80: Weather, Whether You Like it or Not

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What do those rain percentages they give you on the news really mean? Why does the snow in Europe sometimes turn orange? Have you ever heard of a firenado? So many things you never knew you wanted to know about weather. Watch out for falling fish.

Show Notes: You’ve got to see to believe

Firenado or Fire Whirl
courtesy of the US Fish and Wildlife Service
Find more info here: https://roaring.earth/whats-a-firenado/
Roll Cloud in Kansas
image: David DeHetre
Want to see more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8c3BnV0Rrg
Noctilucent Clouds: Those sparkling blue clouds of ice and meteor dust.
image: Petraboekhoff @ Pixabay

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