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  • 15: Festivals (aka. cheese rolling and baby jumping)

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the county fair, but sometimes, you need a more adventurous kind of festival where you defy death to chase a wheel of cheese or […]

  • 14: Awards You Can Win?

    Yeah, Yeah, so your kid got a trophy. Mine won an Ig Nobel, got recognized for writing the world’s worst book title, and was awarded the Lanterne Rouge for coming […]

  • 13: The Blooper Reel

    To celebrate making it to the 13th episode, we bring you some bloopers and a few short stories too funny to leave on the cutting room floor. Word to the […]

  • 12: Snake Oil

    Don’t be shy, ladies and gentlemen! I stand before you with the 8th wonder of the world, Brain Junk Elixir. Sure to cure your boredom and quiet your children…who wouldn’t […]

  • 11: Summer Camp (Don’t forget your bug spray)

    We welcome you to Camp Brain Junk! We’re mighty glad you’re here! We’ll set the air reverberating with a mighty cheer! That’s right campers, it’s summer and it’s time to […]

  • 10: Animals 2 (Because, of course we did)

    Breaking all the rules on this one. Talking about spiders AGAIN. Doing a part two instead of coming up with a new theme. We even make a slightly tasteless joke […]

  • 9: Crazy Food (Where we eat cherry pickles)

    No need to hide in your kitchen eating over the sink. Bring that crazy food into the light and be proud of your strange cravings. We’ve cooked up a buffet […]

  • 8: Everything About the Mysterious World of Sound

    Enter a world where spiders purr love songs and rats giggle. Where stomachs grumble and planets sing. And if that’s not enough for your tired and jaded ears, we’ve also […]

  • 7: Unusual Sports (Mayan FIRE Hockey!!!!)

    Forget Friday night football and the company softball league! We’ve found the fast and furious of recreational activities. Find yourself wishing field hockey could be more dangerous…never fear, there’s Mayan […]

  • 6: Everything About The Bookshelf

    Books. Remember them? Paper and that great smell, wrapping up all those wonderful words. Amy and I dumpster dived and picked through dusty shelves for a few way-back gems. Old […]