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  • 170: Penguin Guard Dogs

    Middle Island off the south-western shore Victoria, Australia had a fox problem. A man by the name of Swampy Marsh had the bright idea to protect endangered penguins with Maremma […]

  • 169: Naked Man Orchid

    This episode is probably not safe for work. Could your middle schooler listen and giggle like only a 12-year-old could? Certainly. But we’re marking it explicit so you don’t accidentally […]

  • 168: The 442nd Infantry

    Once again we dive into a piece of history that should be explored in schools. Thousands of American born Japanese defied prejudice and hate to fight for the US in […]

  • 167: Wormnado!

    This amazing image by Tiffanie Fisher says everything you need to know about today’s episode. And no, this isn’t an X-file or the Magnus Archives. This is nature at her […]

  • 166: Shenanigans

    It’s that time again for all those bits and pieces that aren’t quite long enough for their own episodes! We’ve mashed together etymology, space toilets, polar bears, an unusual festival […]

  • 165: Silently Screaming Tomato

    In a pitched battle against the voracious tomato fruit worm, (aka. corn earworms or cotton bollworm) tomato plants have one sneaky defense…a wasp. It’s a slow plan, but it’s a […]

  • 164: Bumblebee Tunnel

    Researcher Sridhar Ravi of UNSW Canberra looks to the humble bumblebee to answer questions about how to program a more nimble drone. The way he and his researchers studied bumbles […]

  • 163: Return of Phobias!

    Way back in August of 2018, Phobia was our 16th episode. We were in person (thanks COVID 19) and still working out how to actually do this podcast thing. We […]

  • 162: Penguin Guano & Giggle Gas

    There’s a strange connection between King penguins, one of their favorite islands, and Nitrous Oxide gas.

  • 161: Wild Hamsters

    Our best topics come from late night dinner table conversations with our kids. Amy attempts to answer the question: Are there herds of hamsters roaming the wilds? The answer might […]