June 24, 2019 Show Notes Update from Amy: I am in the processing of retiring this page and moving the show notes directly into the episode post along with a transcript. I’m also sitting out on the deck as I type this and it’s a likely I’ll abandon my post regularly. But I’ll keep you posted on progress as I move and update show notes. Drop us a line at if you are just dying to know about something we’ve discussed. We’ll hustle on updating those show notes.


Miss something during the episode, or want to see what a mooning gargoyle really looks like? You’ve come to the right place.

Episode 50:Everything About Medical Insurance Codes Show Notes

Episode 49: Everything About Saturn’s Rings Show Notes

Episode 48: Everything About Animals vs. Brain Junk Show Notes

Episode 47: Chlorine Trifluoride Show Notes

Episode 46: Everything About Stuff That Comes in a Can Show Notes

Episode 45: Everything About Sneeze Voting Show Notes

Episode 44: Everything About Animal Brains Show Notes

Episode 43: Everything About Puppets Show Notes

Episode 42: Everrything About The Internation Ice Patrol Show Notes

Episode 41:Everything About A Brain Junk Double Header: Frogs and Skinks! Show Notes

Episode 40: Everything About A Very Royal Brain Junk Show Notes

Episode 39: Everything About Sick Ants Show Notes

Episode 38: Everything About Holiday Penguins Show Notes

Episode 37:Everything About Violet Jessup Show Notes

Episode 36: Everything About Cougar Screams Show Notes

Episode 35 : Everything About Dr. Robert Liston Show Notes

Episode 34: Everything About Puppets Show Notes

Episode 33: Everything About A Very Royal Brain Junk Show Notes

Episode 32: Everything About Nostalgia Trip Show Notes

Episode 31: Everything About Badass Women Show Notes

Episode 30: Everything About Stuff We Want To Try But Haven’t Yet Show Notes

Episode 29: Everything About Social Conventions Show Notes

Episode 28: No notes needed. Stands on it’s own.

Episode 27: Everything About Superstitions Show Notes

Episode 26: Everything About Is That A Law?! Show Notes

Episode 24: Everything About The Pumpkin Spice Effect Show Notes

Episode 23: Everything About What Your Brain Knows That We Don’t Show Notes

Episode 22: Everything About Extreme Hobbies Show Notes

Episode 21: Everything About Grab Bag! Show Notes

Episode 20: Everything About Slang & Sarcasm Show Notes

Episode 19: Everything About Floriography-Intrigue, Romance, Probably Some Fertilizer Show Notes

Episode 18: Everything About Discontinued Olympic Events Show Notes

Episode 17: Everything About Factory Tours Show Notes

Episode 16:Everything About Phobias (allll the hair raising details and some spiders) Show Notes

Episode 15: Everything About Whimsical Festivals Show Notes

Episode 14: Everything About Awards You Can Win? Show Notes

Episode 13: Everything About Bloopers Volume 1 Show Notes

Episode 12: Everything About Snake Oil Show Notes

Episode 11:Everything About Summer Camp Show Notes

Episode 10: Everything About Animals 2 Show Notes

Episode 9: Everything About Crazy Foods Show Notes

Episode 8: Everything About the Mysterious of Sound Show Notes

Episode 7: Everything About Unusual Sporting Events Show Notes

Episode 6: Everything About The Bookshelf Show Notes

Episode 5: Everything About Beauty Show Notes

Episode 4: Everything About Insults Show Notes

Episode 3: Everything About Birthdays Show Notes

Episode 2: Everything About False but True? Show Notes

Episode 1: Everything About Animals Show Notes