Episode 9: Everything About Crazy Foods

Episode 9: Everything About Crazy Foods




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Where the beginning of all our over the top food habits at fairs began! Serious Eats

JELL-O, A Biography


Photo Credit: Amy ‘Fish Pants’ Barton

Wyman, Carolyn. Jell-O: a Biography. Harcourt, 2001.


Amy ‘June Cleaver’ Barton

Eater.com Article about SPAM written by Erin DeJesus

George A Hormel, slaughterhouse and meat packer.

Originally sold in 6 pound form in delis. Whoa.

Canned in 12 ounce portions, naming contest, Kenneth Daigneau

History of Spam

The Uncanning of the Spam:

Fair Food: How the gut-bombs began!

Where all those cool foods we think came from fair really came from but…SeriousSeats.com

Triple decker #donut #cheeseburger from Chicken Charlie's at the #OC #Fair. #OMFG That's right... fair season is ON. #OrangeCounty #burger #burgers #burgerporn #food #foodie #foodpic #foodporn #foodgasm #foodpics #cheeseburgers #donuts #fairfood #fairfood

image: by LAfoodie: Flicker

Trace ‘The Fried Nacho Cheese Chip Queen’ Kerr

The Russian Tea Jell-O

Because you know you want the recipe:

1 box orange Jell-O

1 small can of mandarin orange slices in their own juice

1/4 c. of red hots

Make Jell-O according to directions EXCEPT: replace half of the cold water with the mandarin orange juice and melt the red hots in the boiling water. Stir in the jell-O powder and pour into your fancy mold. (Trace’s was not fancy…but that doesn’t mean yours can’t be). let the Jell-O partially set up then stir the mandarin slices into the mold. Bon Appetit!


Like I said in the episode, One jar of dill (not sweet pickles) pour our liquid, whisk into the pickle juice

1/2 c. sugar and one package of cherry Kool-aid. Pour as much of it back as you can and let sit, shaking occasionally, for 4 to 7 days.








Yankee Doodle Pizza Pie:

A slow paced, poorly narrated video of the making of Yankee Doodle Pizza Pie.