Episode 3: Everything About Birthdays: Show Notes

Episode 3: Everything About Birthdays: Show Notes

Happy Birthday to you, whenever your birthday is! We travel the world to bring you a few of the coolest and most interesting birthday traditions.


Sept 11th and Roman birthday letter:



Danish birthdays!

Want to have your cake and chop off it’s head? Welcome to Denmark.

En kagenmandhttp://thedecoratedcookie.com/2014/07/en-kagemand-cookies-for-a-danish-birthday/

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Nom Nom Nom! Got to try out this recipe next February for Brain Junks first birthday! Kagemand recipe and some history: http://nordicfoodliving.com/danish-birthday-cake-kagemand/


25 year old Pepperman and Pepper maiden attacks:

Turning 25 and  you’re not married? Your danish friends are going to give you the ultimate cinnamon challenge! 

And so today, this happened right outside my apartment.



Danish birthday song:


Birthday Traditions from Around the World

The Hungarians will wish an individual good luck and a happy birthday by pulling on their earlobes.

This tradition will normally take place just before the opening of any birthday presents, while a song is sang that translates to “God bless you live so long so your ears reach your ankles”.


Ear pulled same number of times as age

http://www.hungarotips.com/customs/ndays.html Name day calendar

  • Many Hungarians also celebrate their “name days” as well.
  • Most names are associated with a certain day each year.
  • For example, all people named Boglárka will celebrate their “name day” on August 1.  This is for various reasons.
  •  A persons actual birthdate is generally only celebrated along immediate family members and is a small celebration.
  • While name days are more popular and involve classmates, coworkers, and even strangers.  This makes school and work parties easier because specific birthdates are sometimes hard to get or remember.
  • During “name day” celebrations, women are traditionally given flowers, men are given liquor, and children are given chocolates and sweets.  Fun fact: the prices of these gifts will typically raise on popular names days.


Given names can be chosen by the parents from an official list of several thousand names (technically, one list for each gender).[10][11] If the intended name is not on the list, the parents need to apply for approval.

Hungarian Birthday Song Rendition 1

Hungarian Birthday Song Rendition 2

Hungarian Birthday Song Rendition 3

Birthday Clowns in Switzerland

Parents hire an evil clown to follow and torment their child on their birthday. They conclude with a pie in the face for the birthday boy or girl. Nice.

Google Image Search Birthday Clown Switzerland


Chinese traditions:

An overview of Some Chinese birthday traditions:





And, if you want to see, know, and learn more to fill your brain with more junk: Birthdays around the world and through history…an overview.

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