Episode 2: Everything About False but True?: Show Notes

Episode 2: Everything About False but True?: Show Notes


Entomologists can become allergic to ground coffee.-Reddit

Sort of: Entomologists can become allergic to their subjects, and therefore can react when exposed. Ground coffee can be an exposure risk due to FDA regulations on how high amount of contaminants can be in food products before the FDA will require action. They created a handy spread sheet for us. It’s excellently gross.


Dr. Douglas Emlen, an entomologist: Pre-ground coffee contains cockroaches

Bug parts in coffee (and other foods) are allowed by the FDA as long as they don’t make up more than a certain percentage.

FDA’s food defect action web site. This is where all of Amy’s favorite gross facts about roach levels in foods exist.

FDA Food Defect Action List


Entemologist on the Job Hazards



Palmaris Longus Muscle/tendon:

Step by step pictures to walk you through how to find your Palmaris if Trace didn’t explain it well enough for you.



WARNING! Extremely cool poster that shows the distribution and evolution of the Palmaris Longus but, it has pictures of cadaver arms to show the tendon. Children and the squeamish…have someone see if this is right for you first. https://bonebrokeblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/aapa-poster-copy.jpg


Dolphins and Sea Lions as Combat Animals

Nat Geo Dolphins, Sea Lions-Combat Animals

*Using marine mammals like dolphins, whales, or sea lions for military purposes isn’t new. Nor is it restricted to the Ukrainian or Russian navies—the U.S. Navy has had a similar program since the 1960s.

*The ability of these animals to detect and find targets at depth or in murky water is something technology can’t duplicate yet, but which militaries find very valuable.

*Tag things, find things or people, retrieve things

*SCIENTIST ALERT: Paul Nachtigall, head of the marine mammal research program at the University of Hawaii

*Fast and more effective than machines. dolphin sonar is so finely tuned

Sea lions: the U.S. Navy uses them to find and retrieve unarmed test ordnance like practice mines. Handlers give a sea lion an attachment system it can hold in its mouth and send the mammal overboard.

Once the animal finds its target, it clamps the device to it and handlers in a boat at the surface can bring the object in.

My favorite story: 2011 media demonstration in San Diego Bay, California, featured a former U.S. Navy SEAL attempting to infiltrate the harbor with an unarmed mine. The Navy deployed dolphins and sea lions to patrol the area, and both caught the diver on every one of his five attempts. The sea lion even managed to attach a clamp to the diver’s leg, and handlers on the surface reeled him in like a fish.’

Dolphins and Sea Lions. Once again, animals show how they can do so many things that we cannot.




Some people can have up to 4 kidneys.

Let’s talk about that extra kidney and the weird and wonderful ways that the body works:

First, a little background as to why kidneys are important and how they function:


Image result for kidney transplant living in the native kidney



Hippos have pink blood.

False, but with roots in truth. They have pink sweat. What?! YES. And it’s acidic. So they are kind of like the move ALIEN! AWESOME! OK, that comparison is loose, but still cool.

Hippos! So cute. Look at them! Also, science.


Harvard is older than calculus:

True. Harvard IS older than calculus

Harvard: 1636

Calculus: Late 17th century, so late 1,600’s


Russia is bigger than Pluto: True then false.

Is Russia bigger than Pluto?

Using previous estimates, Russia edged out Pluto, at 17,075,200 square kilometers, while Pluto was thought to be 16,647,940 square kilometers.

After the New Horizons mission, Pluto was found to be slightly larger than estimated, making its surface area 17,646,012 square kilometers, which is larger than Russia.