Hi. I’m Amy and I’m half of Brain Junk! I have a shirt that awesomely turns into a cape, as pictured, and I take great delight in the wacky, interesting, gross minutia of life. At the time of this writing I’m riding especially high because I successfully added a calendar reminder into One Note that will pop up in Outlook and lead BACK to my One Note. So pretty much I’m a wizard and you can trust whatever I tell you.

A few things about the current iteration of me. I am The Middle Sister. I own but cannot yet ride, a unicycle. I can do the scissor splits after I stretch for ten minutes or so. I’ve tried my hand at lifeguarding. I’m probably not the most fun, but that pool was clean and SAFE. I am a LADY NINJA! OK. That’s a bit of a stretch-I take Taekwondo classes. My dishwasher is broken, and thus holds a large collection of water bottles we should really get rid of, and therefore I hand wash our dishes. I’m a grade school office manager which means I have mad skills with lice checks and reporting unexpected fecal incidents to the custodian. I really enjoy the movies Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

My family includes my long suffering husband, who is patient as I dash off to Try New Things! I have two children, Kid Ninja and Teen Ninja, who also take Taekwondo classes.

I look forward to enjoying ridiculous, interesting, gross topics with you.  Thank you for taking the time to find us!