Hi. I’m Amy and I’m half of Brain Junk! I have a shirt that awesomely turns into a cape, as pictured, and I take great delight in the wacky, interesting, gross minutia of life. At the time of this writing I’m riding especially high because I successfully added a calendar reminder into One Note that will pop up in Outlook and lead BACK to my One Note. So pretty much I’m a wizard and you can trust whatever I tell you.

A few things about the current iteration of me. I am The Middle Sister. I own but cannot yet ride, a unicycle. I can do the scissor splits after I stretch for ten minutes or so. I’ve tried my hand at lifeguarding. I’m probably not the most fun, but that pool was clean and SAFE. I am a LADY NINJA! OK. That’s a bit of a stretch-I take Taekwondo classes. I’m am an administrative assistant at a university, which means I pedal my bike around campus and marvel at things such as the astonishing number of rips in students’ jeans (how do they even hold together?) and wander through other buildings plotting to swipe their awesome furniture (I could happily furnish my house in the limey green and turquoise furniture in the IT department). I really enjoy the movies Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, and am currently re-watching the short-lived Dresden Files TV series, and slowly doling out episodes of the Umbrella Academy season 2.

My family includes my long suffering husband, who is patient as I dash off to Try New Things! I have two children, Teen Ninja, with whom I take Taekwondo, and New Driver-she’s got wheels and things around our house have changed!

I look forward to enjoying ridiculous, interesting, gross topics with you.  Thank you for taking the time to find us!