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Summer Break

Hope ya’ll are getting out there in the world to enjoy some of the summer heat. Those of you in the Southern parts of the world, pull on some mittens and send us a little cool air. ‘Cause I am not a fan of sun or heat. (is it fall YET?!?!?).

We’ve still got episodes coming out, but I wanted to let ya’ll know that we have two LOOOOOOOOONG episodes planned for the summer.

On July 23rd, we dive into Brain Science and I’ve just finished editing Brain Junk Road Trip for release on August 13th. Don’t forget to subscribe and those beauties will be there for you when you can’t stand listening to your kids bothering each other in the back seat. Crank the volume and you’ll have 20 blissful minutes of not having to hear, “ARE WE THERE YET?” TK.

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