313: Bat Chat 2!

313: Bat Chat 2!

Brain Junk
Brain Junk
313: Bat Chat 2!

Amy’s bringing the BATS. We’ve got more cool facts about bat communication and how some of them compete for food (it’s sonic warfare for sure).

Show Notes:

Episode 214 Sky Puppies Mama fruit bats and their kiddos

Episode 242 Bat Chat 1 A smorgasbord of bat shenanigans

University of Bristol: Bats avoiding collisions in the air

YouTube Lens of Time Roll to minute 5:20 for bat smacks

Science: Bats jam each other’s signals just like humans jam cell phones

National Geographic: Bats jam each other’s sonar

The Sensory & Movement Ecology Lab @ UCCS

Science: Tiger moths jam bat echolocation!!!

Southwest Research Station

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